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Duration: 2-3hrs Maximum 10 Pax per boat Rate USD 30-40 per group Head to the lake bank and go for your boat cruise to the Historical Punishment Island (Akampena), have an island walk at Bwama (Ex-leprosy colony) island which is the largest of all the 29 islands along Lake Bunyonyi, along the cruise enjoy a lot of historical stories of the Kigezi region’s culture and people while also learning more about the different islands names. Extras; Animal viewing at Kyahugye Island at Ugx 10,000 per person


Duration: 5hrs Maximum 3 Pax per canoe Rate: Usd 10 per person In the morning after breakfast, descend down to the lake and meet with your canoe captains and guides and start the trekking. Here you shall make stop overs at different scenic view points such as spots for bird watching, visit the local traditional healer after the hike to the super view of Lake Bunyonyi. Here you also have the opportunity to share stories with the local people (you may see how local Bushera (fermented porridge is made or even have a simple sip) then after descend back to your canoes and return to the lodge for more relaxation and story sharing.


It’s amazing zip-lining across the one of the deepest lake in the world, zip-liner across one of the deepest lake bunyonyi in Uganda.You get to see and feel the clear waters as you line across the lake. A thrilling experience that cant be missed .

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You can hike, take nature walks both on the Islands and around the Lake – your backdrop, for the most part, will the scenic Lake Bunyonyi. The walks are not strenuous and can be taken at your pace, guides go with you that you do not get lost and do not miss one of the highlights of your walk.


The word Bunyonyi – means place of little birds and Lake Bunyonyi is home to over 200 species of birds – one can do a great bird – boat safari with your own birding guide from the water, on some of the various islands the surrounding shores of the lake. You can go birding on one of the 29 islands on Lake Bunyonyi and combine it with a dugout canoe or motorized boat adventure.


Duration: between 4-6hrs Maximum Pax (Open but at least 2Pax) Rate: Usd 10 per person In the morning after breakfast, hike to view the lake and move on through the village while having numerous stop overs and story telling with your guide, observe many community activities along the trail and finally arrive at the black smiths village and practically see how raw iron is smelted to create different tools such as knives, spears, etc. dependent on the stamina you can decide to trek back to the lodge or your tour driver or lodge car pick up can be requested as you return to the lodge to rest and relax.

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Duration: 3hrs Rate: Usd 120 group Maximum 6Pax Early morning after breakfast, board your safari vehicle or the lodge vehicle together with your guide and drive to Echuya forest. Upon arrival, you shall receive briefing and have a forest/ nature walk towards the Batwa village where you shall be welcomed with entertainment from the pygmies. After spending ample time with the pygmies, head back to the lodge while having stop overs on different viewpoints of Lake Bunyonyi.


Duration: 6-10 hrs Rate: Gorilla Permits USD 650 for Foreign Guests, Ugx 250,000 for Ugandan Guests, Ugx 200,000 for Transport per Group to and from our facility. This is one activity that is the most satisfying in one’s lifetime. We arrange Gorilla Tracking in Ruhija, Nkuringo, Buhoma Rushaga and Mgahinga.


When it comes to evening, usually the areas around Lake Bunyonyi become cold and one of the ways to keep warm is set a fire for travelers seat around it as they enjoy stories from each other or one of the local story tellers sharing the history of place and tales of long ago that made headlines then and still famous. Drinks such as bear, whines, local brew are served to keep the night going


The impressive Kisizi Falls tourism site was launched in 2017 around the beautiful waterfall and includes SkyTrail, a high-altitude high-adrenaline 3-stage zipline as well as a stunning monument, suspension bridge, small cave and lagoon and Visitors Centre .


At the Hawks eye lodge, we have plenty of games which range from chess, Matatu(cards) ludo etc and Children’s swings and bouncing castles for those who would love to move with their children


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